4D Business Cards

With our 4th dimension or 4D business cards users can create a business card that has two or three different designs in one card. As you tilt the business card up and down you reveal the different designs. You can create the multiple image effect on one side of the card only and the other side allows for standard full color printing. Our 4D business cards are sure to be a crowd pleaser and make your company’s business cards memorable as they are extremely unique.

Designing 4D Business Cards:

1. When creating your design it is recommended to work with solid color backgrounds other than white with subtle differences, and if you use black try to make all the flip backgrounds black with light color text or image changes. If you use white or light backgrounds and dark color images or text on those backgrounds the differences might show through without flipping, or a ghost effect. 2. It is also best to use small differences between backgrounds and overall design, the more condensed the design the harder to see the differences cleanly. For instance, the same colored background with the words buy and sold in two different areas would be a great flip. If you must work with whites or lighter colored backgrounds be sure to use the same backgrounds with subtle differences. 3. Also, fonts can get slightly distorted through the plastic surface so avoid using small and thin fonts, the bolder and bigger the better results. 4. Lastly, if you use different text from design to design it should be placed on different areas of the canvas so they do not overlap. As in the example image, the main differences between the files are the placement of the stripes and the logos, utilizing subtle differences in each design works best.

Preparing Your Files:

When creating or uploading your files, for two transitions with one sided printing you will be required to provide two design files for the front, and if you require front and back printing you will require a third file for the back so a total of three files.

For three transitions you will be required to provide three designs for the front and if you want the back side printed you will require a fourth design for the back so a total of four files.

Online Design:

If you decide to use our custom option to create your design the copy and paste feature in the studio can make it easy because it will paste the elements you copy in the exact same place on the next design so creating subtle differences between your designs will be easy. If you require any help with creating 4D business cards please email support@1800businesscards.com.

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provide 2 designs for flipping between 2 images, and provide 3 designs for flipping between 3 images on the front of your business card.

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