Common Design Recommendations

Designing your artwork can vary from product to product. When using our design studio and templates all of your overall design is set up without any effort, your only point of concern would be font size. We recommend size 8-9 font for most average fonts to ensure a comfortable read of important information and contact details. Often business cards have disclaimers or text that is just to be included but not required to read easily and that font should be set to between 5 and 6 for most average fonts. Please keep in mind that we manually check your order to ensure that the text meets the overall common requirements.

Obviously there are larger products that require larger text such as our door hangers and postcards. Keeping your text to a minimum of 12 points for most average fonts is a great general guide, and of course you can make things larger when constructing a particular theme or style. As with our business cards, all of our templates make it easy for sizing and you only need to worry about minimum font sizes. Again keep in mind that we will manually check your order to ensure a quality print.

Plastic business cards are a high quality product so on certain styles some extra attention is required. For example, when designing cards that have clear areas any text on those areas should meet the minimum size of 9 font for average fonts and making it bold ensures a better read. Additionally dark colors on clear areas work best with black always being the preference on clear areas, or one of the darker colored fonts. We try to white back as much of the content as possible to help it stand out but very thin text or lines may be difficult to white back which is why we make these recommendations. For areas that have colored backgrounds the standard font recommendations apply. For more details on designing plastic business cards please visit our plastic business card information page.

For any general design questions please do not hesitate to reach out to

Upload Design Recommendations

All of our products have an upload design page where you can find templates with the bleed and cut lines as card card-body as general information about the size of the template. We also manually check uploaded designs that are uploaded to ensure a quality print.