Door Hangers and Target Marketing

Door HangersPeople in advertising always talk about target marketing but in mainstream society most people do not really grasp the term and how it can affect a business. The term generally refers to marketing to a particular or customized group of customers with a product or service. This article focuses on door hanger advertising and offers small business owners strategic ideas for target marketing with door hangers.

For many people that do not know what door hangers are the most card card-body known example would be do-not-disturb signs found in most hotels or lodging businesses. Over the last decade door hangers have been transformed into colorful signs offering customers information on a business or a specific promotion or discount the company is offering. The standard size is 4”x11”, however, new sizes continue to enter the market. The advertisement is usually hung on the door of a home or apartment so when residents return home they have no option but to look at the advertisement in order to remove it. Door hangers can be printed on both sides and can be designed and printed relatively cheap with online companies such as

Marketing with Door Hangers

There are four strategies usually implemented in door hanger marketing. The first strategy discussed in this article is mass marketing. This type of marketing does not target a particular area and advertisements are distributed to the masses ignoring demographics or market segments. Although this strategy is hard to determine areas of product strength, it does reach the broadest audience and decreases the likelihood of missing potential conversions or sales.

Another strategy used in the marketing of door hangers is differentiated or split marketing. In this technique business owners distribute different types of door hangers with particular tracking ability such as different coupon codes in order to determine the most effective advertisement. This approach can also be used to market multiple products to different customers or markets. It is for this reason it is also known as multisegment marketing.

The most popular type of door hanger advertising for small business owners is concentrated marketing. In this type of campaign door hangers are distributed to a very specific area based on different demographics or variables. For instance, only placing door hangers in apartment complexes or homes in a specific neighborhood in an effort to reach only customers the business owner believes will purchase the product or services.

In a comparison, a Spanish restaurant might choose to bring in all types of customers with a mass marketing approach or just advertise to a Hispanic group of people. The business could also market to several groups utilizing a multisegment approach. Door hanger printing and marketing are very customizable and ultimately depends on the different variables of a market.

Door hangers can be a very effective marketing tool if implemented correctly. There are many different strategies a small business can use; it simply requires some insight into the surrounding markets and people. Door hangers are cheap and easy to get printed and delivered to the business and can be designed and ordered online. Any business owner should look at the different strategies mentioned above and test them in order to see which one works best.