Design and Print the Perfect Door Hanger

Door hangers offer one of the most impressive returns on advertising investments for any size company. These printing products allow you to target your exact customer by marketing directly to homes or businesses that you choose. Easily designed, printed, and distributed, door hangers continue to be relied on as a necessary component for any successful marketing campaign.

Getting Started Designing & Printing Your Door Hangers

To begin, below you can choose from a wide variety of door hanger products with the 4.25" X 11" being the most commonly distributed size. The main differences between the selections below are the size, all are calculated in inches, and the option to have a detachable portion or what is known as a 2 inch perforation. Each selection will allow you to choose from a variety of paper stocks, from thin and affordable to our thickest (postcard thick) paper options. Once you have decided what size door hanger is right for your marketing campaign you will then have the option to (1)create a custom door hanger design, (2)start with one of our free door hanger templates, or (3)upload your own design. At the bottom of the page you will find useful videos and articles to make designing and printing your own door hanger fast and easy.


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Choosing the Right Door Hangers

Step 1. Selecting the Size

The first part of the process is selecting a door hanger size. Considering that door hanger sizes are based on inches you simply have to decide what size is right for your marketing campaign. Do you have a lot of images and content for your design? If that is the case then you are going to want to choose the standard 4.25 X 11 or larger. If your message is not based on a lot of content, then one of our smaller sizes will do. Remember that you have the option of printing on one or both sides so be sure to consider that when you are measuring how much content space is required. We offer a wide variety of sizes to help meet the advertising goals of any company.

Step 2. Selecting the Paper Stock

Choosing the right paper stock for your door hanger is just as important as size. Our thin and affordable 100 LB. Gloss Book is very similar to thick magazine paper. It is flexible like paper and is a great choice if having a sturdy thicker stock is not essential. Our 14 Point and 16 Point paper options are very similar to postcard type of paper. It is thicker and more sturdy,and the main difference between these two types of paper is about 20 percent thickness.

Step 3. Selecting your Paper Coating

Both aqueous coating and UV glossy coating are added to help make the paper stronger and coat the design. UV glossy coating also helps make your design's text and images standout a little more because of the glossy effect whereas aqueous coating still adds some vibrancy to your design without the glossy effect. If you plan on writing on your designs with a pen or pencil you might want that part of the design uncoated because it is much easier to write on. You can have your whole design uncoated or one side depending on the paper option you choose.

Designing Door Hangers

If you do not have a design already created by a graphic designer, or one made by you in one of the many editing programs like photoshop or illustrator, we make creating your door hanger easy. To begin, you can coose to start with a blank canvas in our online design studio, or you can select one of our premade design templates that match your industry or message and begin editing it as you wish. Add or remove backgrounds and images, or just leave it the way it is and just change some text. We feature detailed videos and a clear image and text article of how to make your own door hanger in our online design studio.

The Design Studio

Our editing studio makes designing a door hanger easy. You can change backgrounds, add layers, there are a wide variety of fonts, and many other basic editing tools to allow you to be creative with your design. We also feature easy access to upload your own images, choose one of unlimited premium stock images that you can purchase, or just upload an image from anywhere on the internet or your computer. We provide a door hanger design tutorial if you want to read about creating your own door hanger or you can watch the video below.

Door Hanger Printing Services

Once you have created a design in our online studio or have uploaded your own design you can easily checkout in a few clicks and have your design printed and shipped to your door. We offer high quality printing services at cheap prices. Whether you choose to create your own design or you upload your own we make printing door hangers cheap and easy, and we make sure every design is printed with the best quality. You also never have to worry about your design because although we give users a PDF proof view in our studio, our quality assurance team personally checks your design for common errors. We also guarantee satisfaction and take every step possible to ensure you have a great experience when designing and printing door hangers.

See the Video How to Design a Door Hanger Online