Gold & Silver Foil Business Cards

Our gold and silver foil business cards are an excellent option to make your business cards standout in an elegant way. You can choose a very sturdy 16 point silk laminated stock or a solid white plastic that is 20 point thick. Both options are sure to make an impression on your clients.

Designing Gold or Silver Foil Tips:

You have to choose one type of foil and it can be on one side or both sides, however you cannot mix the two types of foils. You can either go with silver or gold. Also keep in mind that foiled areas cannot overlap and your foiled areas should not make up more than 50% of the design side.

Preparing Your Files:

Preparing your design requires two files for each side you want printed so you will require either 2 or 4 files depending on whether you choose front only printing, or front and back. The first or front file is your design artwork and your second front file is your foil mask which will tell us where you want the foil on the design. Your foil masks must be only black and white, 100k or 100% black for all the areas you want foiled and white for all areas of your design that will not have foil. The mask must also have the areas that get foiled in the exact place on the canvas so that it lines up with the artwork. Please see the image below for further details. If you want us to create the mask, before you checkout there is a place to enter special order instructions, just tell us where you want the foil applied.

foil business cards file setup

Online Design:

If you require any help with your mask or creating gold or silver foil business cards please email

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business card corners explained with graphic

You can tell us in the order instructions where you would like the foil placed in your design or you can email the files or upload them to your order details section after checkout. When creating foil files we separate cmyk files from foil files. The foil file should have in 100% K black everything in the design where you want foil, and the cmyk file should have everything that is ink in the file and remove all elements that will be foil.

You can email your spot uv files to with your order number or you can upload them in the order details section after checkout.

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