How to Create Door Hangers

At 1800businesscards you no longer have to worry about knowing how to make your own door hangers. You often see them hanging on doors that you pass by with vibrant colors, images, and promotional text. You might have even considered visiting the company or purchasing the product. That is because door hangers are one of the most economical and effective marketing tools for any business. Door hangers allow you to target a very specific audience and each potential client costs pennies to send an advertisement. They are also very attractive and these reasons make them something that most business owners or marketers would like in their marketing arsenal. However, there is the fear of large costs to get them designed, printed, and shipped. At one time that might have been the case but today designing and printing door hangers is cheaper and easier than ever.

See How Easy It Is To Create Your Own Door Hanger Online


Select the type of door hanger you require with the get started button right below the desired size. We offer door hangers in a variety of paper sizes and card stocks. If you want a lot of room to input a lot of text and images we offer our larger door hangers. We also make door hangers with business cards attached so that customers can take your contact information with them. We feature several other styles and each carousel-item has some bullet points to give you the basic product profile. Don't forget to pick a door hanger that matches your promotional ideas. No matter which option you choose you can be sure that at 1800businesscards you get high quality printing services at cheap prices.


Select from a variety of door hangers


See relevant details about the door hanger size you chose and you will have the option to choose quantity, paper stock, and other specifications during checkout. We also offer a shipping and pricing calculator so you can see pricing options that work for you. On the page we also feature a video so you can see the differences in paper stock to assist you in deciding on paper options. When you are ready to start creating your door hanger, there are 3 large buttons to start the designing and printing process.

Here is how you begin the process: If you select custom design you can create a door hanger starting with a blank canvas in the design studio. You can use the tools to mimic a design that you have seen that you like or just use your creative talents and our awesome editing tools to get your design in place. You also have the option to use our pre-designed door hanger templates to get you started on your design with minimal effort by selecting our browse designs option. Just add text, change images, shapes, colors, and backgrounds; the templates will get you off to a great start. If you choose this option below you will find further details. Lastly, you can have a pre-designed door hanger from your company or design firm and upload it with the touch of our upload designs button so you can take advantage of our cheap door hanger prices and receive our high quality printing services.

Door Hanger Customize Options



If you choose browse designs you now have the option to go into the gallery of pre-designed door hanger templates that are free for you to edit however you like. Most door hanger companies charge hundreds of dollars for designs but we believe users should have them for free for using our printing services. Just select the customize button below any design you want to get printed and you will be brought into the studio where you can begin to create your door hanger.

Choose a Door Hanger Design

The studio is where even the most basic knowledge with a computer will allow you to create a great door hanger. The top row of tools is where you can select the image gallery tab (small icon on left) and upload images, choose one of the cool images in our library, search for premium stock images, or upload your own images to your account so that you can add them to your design. There is also an iProof tab so that you can see a print ready file with a close approximation of how your door hanger will print. Also on the top set of tools you can add your image as a background with the black/yellow sunrise button or you can add your image with the tilted portrait button on the left side of the studio which will allow you to place your image on the canvas so you can move it and resize it. Also on the left hand side you will see the add text box with the grey T button. Whenever you click on text or an image the property box will open and allow you to make additional adjustments. There are many other features like the layers option or changing transparency and it just requires a few minutes before you are an expert. Whether you are creating a door hanger from scratch or starting with a template, the studio is a place where you can utilize unlimited tools and have access to millions of images across the web to make your design stand out. Play around to get used to the tools, watch the video below, or just hit the help button and scroll over each tool to see what it does.

Once your door hanger is complete and you are satisfied with both the front and back (if you design a back) you now hit the continue to save design page button in the right upper corner in the studio and a pop-up box will appear and allow you to make a name for your design. Name it then click the ok button and then go to the next screen where you can login or signup (if you are not in your account) and then check the save my design box and hit one of the two save buttons at the bottom of the page. You can either save and proceed to checkout or save and continue shopping to come back later and continue your work on another day. Don’t forget that you must have an account to save your design so sign up or login now.

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