Plastic Business Card Design Gallery

Our plastic business card design gallery is where clear and frosted plastic business cards are brought to life so users can see a close approximation of how their chosen design will look when it is printed. We will update this gallery as often as possible with new designs.

You can purchase our plastic business cards online, you can upload your own design or create one in our online design center. Here are some designing tips for clear and frosted plastic and you can read about the benefits of plastic business cards over traditional paper.

Automotive Clear Plastic Business Card
Real Estate Frosted Plastic Business Card

The clear rage auto card demonstrates why clear plastic business cards are so popular. The white backing helps the colors stand out as card card-body as make the clear parts more distinctive, and the halo effect on the text makes it stand out with a 3d effect. The frosted real estate card shows that using bold colors and some creativity can make your business card sell your client in an instant.

Matte Varnish Clear Plastic Business Card
Auto Body Frosted Plastic Business Card

These two designs are examples of why clear and frosted plastic business cards are so awesome. The auto card uses a black graphic that shimmers with the frosted effect, making the sleek car stand out even more. The clear card although it is simple, its use of white and bold red make it impressive and a crowd stopper.

Photography Black Plastic Business Card Front
Photography Black Plastic Business Card Back

The above plastic business card is sophisticated and demonstrates how to maximize the "clear effect". The design makes it seem like the business card has an actual viewing port of a camera and to make it even more creative the back of the design is lined up with the front for some really extra cool points.

Matte Varnish Clear Plastic Business Card
Medical Doctor Frosted Plastic Business Card

The frosted design above for the doctor features one of our most popular designs and demonstrates how a quality design can make a frosted card look so cool. The clear design is as simple as it gets but shows how simple can be sophisticated. The card added a matte varnish to both sides to make it pen friendly but at the same time it gives a clear/frosted combination.

Auto Repair Clear Plastic Business Card
Pool Service Frosted Plastic Business Card

The clear design above shows a touch of silver foil on the hologram as card card-body as the halo effect applied on the lettering with the white backer. The frosted design features a shade of blue and a unique bubble design that makes this pool service frosted business card one of a kind.

Realtor Frosted Plastic Business Card

The clear design above shows a unique design that is simple but modern and sophisticated and can be used in almost any industry. The frosted design is for a real estate company and includes a photo, a design that is sure to impress potential home buyers and sellers.

Credit Union Plastic Business Card Front
Credit Union Plastic Business Card Back

The above plastic business card is sophisticated and captures the high quality of a two sided clear plastic business card. It utilizes the white backer to make the orange part of the card solid and the clear part even more outstanding. It also incorporates white text on both the front and back.

Event Management Clear Plastic Business Card
Fashion Company Clear Plastic Business Card

The above event planner card shows how unique images and elegant text can make a business card, especially when it is clear. The heart fashion card is an example of how white behind images and text makes it standout and look crisp on a clear business card.

Office Systems Plastic Business Card
Entertainment Industry Plastic Business Card

The office systems clear plastic card is full of vibrant images of office equipment and gold ink that has a foil look. Who ever said office systems are boring. The Vegas entertainment card is a classic example of having a large part of your clear cards with an image and the rest of the card clear. The contrasting parts is what really makes clear business cards special.

Keller Williams Plastic Business Card
Entrepreneur Clear Plastic Business Card

The real estate plastic card above shows how you can have legible text on clear cards by laying it on top of a background and then white back those colored areas. The Guru clear plastic card shows how having minimal design elements can make an impact.

Realty Photo Plastic Business Card
Black Pattern Steel Plastic Business Card

The above real estate business card with a photo demonstrates the quality of our printing as the image is as crisp as if it was on photo paper. The black steel card has just the text clear and transparent, making this a very vivid card with a cool text effect.

Transportation Plastic Business Card
Black Plastic Business Card for Restaurant

The above transportation card highlights the different uses of white on clear cards. The black plastic restaurant card demonstrates the quality of clear cards even though there are no clear areas. The 30 mil plastic with white backing is extremely high quality so even if you do not want transparent or clear areas you can still enjoy the quality of the card.

DJ Frosted Plastic Business Card
Black Frosted Plastic Business Card

The above DJ frosted plastic card has a unique blend of speakers and patterns to make this card standout from the crowd, and at the same time it shows how contrasting colors make the best frosted cards. The black steel gradient frosted card shows how good gradients can look when put against dark backgrounds.

Advertising Executive Clear Plastic Business Card
Music Themed Clear Plastic Business Card

The executive plastic card is a real showstopper with its use of various colors in the rainbow spectrum while at the same time highlighting clear areas with dark background shapes. The audio card makes a statement by making just a few letters in the company name transparent. This card also captures the cool effects of adding a halo around text.

Marketing Company Plastic Business Card
Law Enforcement Plastic Business Card

The above marketing card utilizes the center of the card for company information and then leaves the top and bottom transparent. This allows for very legible text while still showing off the clear elements of the card. Let's face it, this law enforcement card uses black and red angles along with a crisp logo to make an impression.

Media Company Plastic Business Card
Financial Plastic Business Card

The above media company business card demonstrates how one image and a sentence or two can make one of the all time great business cards no matter what material, even though having it clear makes a bolder statement. The financial business card shows how even the simplest of designs on clear plastic make for a remarkable business card.

Marine Science Plastic Business Card
Boating Company Plastic Business Card

The above marine science card shows how your 30 mil. plastic card does not have to be clear to be an extraordinary, any great image can make a spectacular design. Another design associated with the sea, this boating mechanic card is sure to get some new clients, and at the same time you do not have to worry about your business card getting wet.

Detroit Theme Plastic Business Card
Dentist Referral Plastic Business Card

The above Detroit Red Light District card has a solid black background that gives this business card a sophisticated look, and the logo and choice of colors helps give this card a sense of power. The dental referral card shows how having a creative image on our clear plastic can make such a bold statement, and more importantly, this card will last and can be given out and received over and over again.

Herbalife Clear Plastic With Frosted Effect
Movie Producer Plastic Business Card

The Herbalife business card is a high quality clear plastic card that utilizes a matte varnish to give it a frosted look. The Showland business card shows how having a clear border helps make your transparent card more sophisticated while at the same time emphasizing the background image.

Legal Company Clear Plastic
Nautical Clear Plastic Business Card

The legal company clear plastic card demonstrates the power of a colorful logo with transparent plastic. The nautical card shows how utilizing clear against colored backgrounds helps emphasize clear parts of the design.

Education Company Frosted Effect on Clear Plastic
Education Mgmt. Full Color Plastic Business Card

The education plastic card captures the power of matte varnish on a clear card. The varnish provides a frosted look on clear plastic. The full color card shows how the 30mil plastic can turn just text and a background into an impressive business card.

Realty Full Color Photo on Transparent Plastic
Computer Reapair Company Business Card

The real estate card with photo demonstrates how using your photo on a business card can be a great thing. The computer repair company uses a cool cartoon character and a little bit of text to make a bold statement.

Flyboard Clear With Frosted Effect
Executive Business Card

The flyboard company uses the frosted effect and a colorful logo to make a really cool business card. The executive business card uses a background image to create a unique and sophisticated business card.

Window Treatment Services Plastic Card
Party Style Plastic Business Card

The window treatment company uses a unique image of window blinds to both represent their industry as card card-body as emphasize the clear glass effect of the card. The spotted design card can be used for a wide variety of industries and demonstrates the power of using colors on these high quality plastic cards.

Window Compmny Clear Business Card
Pool Services Card With Frosted Effect

The glass company card uses clear plastic to represent the compan's main product and at the same time uses a powerful logo to compliement the design. The pool services card combines both color and design to create a beautif business card and then added the varnish to create the frosted look.

Law enforcement black plastic card
Design Company Clear Business Card

The black plastic law enforcement card shows how the use of images and a background can make a great card for any type of company or individual, and it does not have to have clear areas to be awesome. The creative card shows how the right fonts on these high quality cards can really make a design.

Window Company Clear Plastic Card
Medical Doctor Clear Business Card

The window company transparent card is just an awesome example of how to get creative with the power of transparency and plastic. The doctor card is a great option of how to create a professional design by simply using a logo, some text, a stripe, all on a clear background.

Surgeon Clear Plastic Card
Tech Company Clear Business Card

The surgeon card captures a sophisticated an elegant look with its logo laid out on a white background and the use of script fonts. The tech company card is a great recruitment tool for companies that want to make a bold statement about the expected growth and opportunity at the firm.

Gold Foil Clear Plastic Card
Yacht Captain Clear Business Card

The gold foil clear plastic business card for locksmith services demonstrates some of the highest qualities a business card can have, there is not much more to say. The Yacht Captain clear card is a great example of the power of images on clear plastic. Both cards are guaranteed to make an impression.

WWC Technology Clear Plastic Card
RVA Real Estate Clear Business Card

The technology card utilizes a white stripe across the width of the design with a logo creatively placed to make an exceptional business card. The RVA clear card shows how white text can make a background look outstanding.

Bull Grill VIP Plastic Card
Shoreline Plumbing Clear Business Card

The Bull Grill plastic card demonstrates how a savory food background can make for a beautiful plastic card. The Shoreline card shows how a simple blue stripe and a great logo can make an awesome clear plastic card.

Coastline Plumbing Plastic Card
Remax Clear Business Card

The Coastline plastic card demonstrates how a high quality image can make an exceptional plastic business card. The Remax clear card shows how using a variety of colors on clear plastic, and putting the contact details on the color backgrounds guarantees strong readability with text on transparent cards.

Perspective Clear Plastic Card
Black Photographer's Clear Business Card

The Perspective clear card shows how by just using white text you can have a fantastic clear business card. The photography card is yet another example how utilizing some creative imagery and placing the clear areas strategically can make a great business card.

MHP Clear Plastic Card
Wolves Plastic Information Card

The MHP business card uses an orange border and clear background to make a vibrant and clear business card. The wolves plastic information card demonstrates how a high quality background picture can make for a very attractive plastic card that demands attention.

Torn Red Envelope Clear Plastic Card
Express Shipping Plastic Business Card

The torn red envelope card uses a great image to give the appearance of a torn envelope with elegant white text on the clear background which is great for readability on a clear background. The express shipping company uses a colored background with white text to make for easier reading while at the same time using a logo on a clear background which is easily white backed and vibrant looking.

Structure Construction Clear Plastic Card
Exit Realty Plastic Business Card

The black plastic business card has a gold bow style image to give creativity to the design, while the Exit Realty business card uses a dark background and high quality photo and logo to make an impressive realtor card.

Pool Services Clear Plastic Card
VIP Photography Plastic Business Card

The pool services card uses a splash of water on a clear background to emphasize the industry product and the black plastic photography card uses the same type of industry relevancy to create a set of impressive plastic cards.

La Rosa Clear Plastic Card
Denny's Plastic Business Card

The La Rosa card uses all black without the white backer to give the entire card a complete transparent look. The Denny's card uses a card card-body known brand logo and a sleek black border to make a simple but practical business card.

La Rosa Clear Plastic Card
Denny's Plastic Business Card

The black plastic paving company card utilizes durable plastic and a caution tape them to demonstrate strength and durability from a construction company. The Keller Williams card uses an elegant white background with a bold logo and photo to make an exceptional realtor business card.

La Rosa Clear Plastic Card
Denny's Plastic Business Card

The Eye Doctor plastic business card has an eye chart on the back to make it practical and industry representative while adding clear elements to give the idea of glass. The realty business card shows how you can use just a touch of color to have an impressive design.

La Rosa Clear Plastic Card
Denny's Plastic Business Card

The Italy business card shows how cool imagery with a clear background can make a unique design. The architect card is useful and practical, and at the same time really impressive to give to clients.

SPS Plastic Card
Berkshire Hathaway Plastic Business Card

The white plastic business card has an elegant white background with a contrasting black border to make all of the contact information stand out and look impressive. The Berkshire Hathaway is an excellent example how you can use bold company colors and a photo to make an outstanding business card.

Detroit Police Clear Plastic Card
HR Consulting Plastic Business Card

The Detroit card demonstrates the power of a card card-body crafted logo. The HR Consulting card uses a city background on the back to peer through on the front but not diminishing the company details on the front, but at the same time accenting the front with a sophisticated message of power.

OP Technology Clear Plastic Card
Chauffeur Plastic Business Card

The technology card is a great example of applying unique imagery to half of the card makes a great design. The chauffeur has a black steel background that makes a modern and powerful look with just text on a single image background.

Daycare Clear Plastic Card
Realty One Group Plastic Business Card

The daycare card illustrates to power of colorful images with fun characteristics, making this a fun but sophisticated business card. The Realty One card is another example of how good plastic makes a company color scheme and a photo.

Discount Plastic Card
Box Company Plastic Business Card

The discount plastic card is a great example of the versatility of plastic business cards, and the box company card shows how even large photos can look good on plastic.

Cinema Plastic Card
Military Plastic Business Card

The cinema card demonstrates how extreme imagery looks better on plastic than any other material. The military card highlights how plastic can be applied to any type of theme and all you need is a good logo for a great business card.

Marketing Company Plastic Card
Tech Company Plastic Business Card

Both of these plastic business cards utilize the clear parts for the cool factor, and how much of the content is on a colored background. This is the best way to produce plastic business cards, it allows for excellent readability.

Greenway Frosted Plastic Card
DRC Lightning Plastic Business Card

The green frosted business card is a great example of how 20 point frosted plastic looks best when you use strong and bold colors. The tornado and lightning look outstanding when printed on plastic, no material could make these images pop like that.