The Executive Plastic Business Cards

Our Executive Line is great for printing clear plastic business cards or frosted plastic business cards because of its high quality transparent 30 mil construction and overall flexibility in the printing process. You can choose to have them in full color on one or both sides, and all ink colors are available including white. Another exclusive feature to our executive cards is that white backing is included to make your colors stand out. The durable 30 mil stock is very similar to a credit card in size and thickness, and it is a major difference between many of the lower quality plastic business cards found on the web. If you are looking for the highest quality in plastic business card printing and the top choice for individuals that want to make a bold statement with their business card then our 30 mil Executive options are perfect for you.

Designing and Printing with Transparent Plastic

  • White Backing-We provide white backing to all of our 30 mil products. The white backing does 2 things: First, it allows for white areas in your design, so you can have white text or content on your business card, a feature many companies do not offer. Second, it makes images and text much more vivid in color on transparent cards so your design does not appear dull or faded. It is important to note that text or lines should be 2 points at their smallest point to be white backed (typically about size 30 in average font sizes) and should use fonts that are sans serif like the name "John Doe" in the example below which does not have tips (serifs) at the ends of letters. Those points are too small to white back unless we halo the text with a small white outline. If the text is small like contact information, and you do not want a white outline, for the best results we recommend adding a background behind the small text so it can be white backed and read more easily.

What is a White Backer on Plastic Business Cards?

A white backer is a coating put behind design elements to make the color standout more (first sample card below). With two sided designs the white backer is put in between elements and hidden or sandwiched (see black plastic business card below). There is no white backing in transparent areas.

clear plastic business card with white
clear plastic white backer explained
black camera lens plastic business card front
black camera lens plastic business card back
  • Transparency/Clear Effect-In an effort to make ordering easy we make most areas of your design that are white ink as a clear or frosted transparent area unless you specify in the order instructions section otherwise. The exception to this rule is white text. The reason we automatically make white text white in color and not transparent is because if the lines are thin and small even when the text is on a colored background, it will be harder to read easily because it is absent of color. You would only request clear text if you were looking for some type of specific effect. We also recommend to make your text at least size 9 and bold in a dark color, preferably black, if it will be on an area with no background color. We can make any part of your design clear or white if you request it in your order instructions, just keep all of these tips in mind as you build your design.
  • When designing in our studio or uploading your own design just follow the previous tips, and do not be afraid to use order instructions if you have very particular requests as to how your card should be printed. We manually check every design to ensure that it is ready for printing so do not worry about your order, if there is an apparent problem we will fix it or contact you if we require something specific.
  • Colors Available-You can have full color printing in your design, just remember if you want a particular area white you have to let us know in the additional notes section during checkout otherwise using white backgrounds or larger white areas tells us you want an area to be clear as glass or a frosted area.
  • 2 Sided Printing-Please keep in mind when designing two sided transparent cards that you might be able to see the content through the front side when held up in light. For this reason it is best to separate content and not have text in the same place on the front and back, and use dark color background areas on front and back where text is on 2 sides as in the black camera lens plastic business card above.

IMPORTANT DESIGN TIPS: In the first example below you see an automotive clear plastic business card with a white backer that has a halo effect around some text and imagery. The halo is the white ink which extends slightly outside of the road and car images. Although most of the content in this card could be white backed because of the size of the elements, the card demonstrates the halo effect which is great to use on smaller text or lines that is on a clear area. It is a little less necessary with frosted cards because of the off white background, but still always good for making small text vivid in color on transparent cards. If this is exactly how you created your design you would just add in the notes during checkout to halo the words "custom cars" and add the halo to the sides of the road and around the car as we will not see white lines on a white area in the design.

The middle example is a clear plastic business card that has dark colors and a white back behind the entire design and the text is clear. The text is a little hard to read in certain areas and you have to bring light behind it, but it is extremely cool and those are the choices you make if you want the customers to read your contact information easily or hold the card up to see it. The "YES" card below shows how you can use white text as card card-body as colored boxes on part of the design and clear on the other part. The "YES" card also features a matte varnish on the back that provides a lighter frosted effect when compared to the 30 Mil frosted cards. The varnish is originally meant for a pen friendly surface, but many customers use it when they want clear cards that are just slightly frosted. These are just some examples of the design effects you can achieve with our plastic business cards and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you require something custom. For more plastic business card examples visit our design gallery.

clear plastic business card with auto design
clear plastic business card for restaurants
Two sided clear plastic business card back

Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Our frosted plastic business cards are a great way to take advantage of the plastic material without having your business cards completely clear; offering a nice frosted effect. Our frosted plastic business cards are available in 30 mil & 20 point frosted plastic.

The 30 mil frosted plastic business card is a part of our executive line and an extremely high quality transparent business card. Thick and firm like a credit card, the 30 mil option allows for full color ink including white ink on one or both sides, and comes in a premium matte finish with rounded corners.

The 20 point frosted plastic business card is a great alternative to the 30 mil. Although there is no white ink available for the 20 point business card and printing is only availalable for one side, this business card option is much cheaper in price and is still a high quality frosted business card.  It is just slightly thinner than the 30 mil but equally offers a great transparent effect with a frosted background. It also comes with a matte finish and standard round corners.

Designing and Printing with Frosted Plastic

  • There is a considerable difference between the frosted 20 point and 30 mil when designing your business card. Although both options offer a transparent frosted base, the 30 mil allows for white backing so any elements larger that small text can have the colors stand out more because they will have a layer of white ink applied behind them. This feature makes those areas a little brighter and a little less transparent. 30 mil designs can have any color including white and overall there are very few limitations to your design when printing on 30 mil frosted plastic.
  • There are just some minor limitations when creating a 20 point frosted plastic business card. First, all ink in the 20 point will be transparent with no white backing so for this reason dark and bold coloring work best. Make your text at least size 9 and bold, and use contrasting colors like white and black, or dark and light. So for example you might have a white background with black text, or the reverse. Also keep in mind that there is no white ink, so any white areas in the design will just reveal the off white frosted plastic. Although it is not white ink, it is a great alternative because of the off white color of the plastic.
  • Both frosted options offer a frosted transparent business card that will be a crowd pleaser. Many people choose frosted plastic over clear plastic because they do not want to have a completely see through business card.

IMPORTANT DESIGN TIPS FOR 20 POINT: In the 20 point frosted examples below, the "Green Team" real estate business card had white ink for the whole background and there was black text and some green ink in certain areas and the logo. This white background tells us to reveal the frosted plastic in those areas, and the rest of the card displays the chosen colors. Some of the text is size 7 which is below our recommended 9, but because it is black on the frosted white it stands out. In the black automotive frosted plastic card the text was white in the design so because there is no white ink it reveals the frosted material where text is supposed to be. The text was bold and because it has the dark background it really pops. The choice of bold colors and text help bring all of the content to life in the 20 point option. If you make a design for 20 point frosted just keep these basic recommendations in mind and you are sure to receive an awesome frosted plastic business card like the ones below.

20 Point Frosted Plastic Business Card Examples

real estate frosted plastic business card
automotive frosted plastic business card
medical frosted plastic business card


IMPORTANT DESIGN TIPS FOR 30 MIL: When designing the 30 mil frosted card your design options are not really limited. You can see from the examples below that you can use pretty much any color, light or dark, although we do always recommend any important contact text at around size 9 so it is easy to read for any age group. You can also have designs on one or both sides. Just keep in mind when designing on both sides that you will see the content through the other side so you want to try not to have overlapping text or images. We apply a white back to anything that is not too thin or small, but even if your text is too small and not white backed the frosted plastic makes it easier to read small text because of the frosted off white background. We can also white back very small text by applying a white outline or "halo" around the text so it will be a little more vivid if you have small text that is important to read easily. Keeping all of these points in mind helps ensure your frosted plastic business card gets printed exactly as you expect.

30 Mil Frosted Plastic Business Card Examples

real estate frosted plastic business card
music frosted plastic business card
manufacturing frosted plastic business card

Solid Color Plastic Business Cards

Our solid color plastic business cards are available in 20 point and our Executive 30 mil option. The base of both plastic types is white plastic although it can be made any color by applying your design. The difference between the two is that the 20 point is a little thinner and less firm than the 30 Mil, and it has a matte finish. The 30 mil is thick like a credit card and has a glossy finish. Our 30 mil solid color plastic business cards are great business cards if you want your business card to be over the top and make a big statement while at the same time being a durable long lasting product. The glossy finish and firm feel immediately separates the card from all others no matter how minimal the design may be. The 20 point offers the same durability and overall quality it is just a little less over the top, a more conservative look.

Designing and Printing with Solid Color Plastic

Both options start with a white core but can be made any color with your design. When it comes to creating your design both options are very similar to paper, there are virtually no limits to the choice of text size or colors because there are no transparent areas. These plastic business cards are printed in full color and allow for printing on one or both sides of the card.

In the solid color plastic images below you can see how both sides capture the full range of colors available. Our solid color plastic business cards are a great way to make an impression with a durable yet elegant plastic material and at the same time having the space to add a lot of details about your company on both sides of your card.

20 Point White Plastic

20 point solid color plastic business card example
20 point solid color plastic business card example 2
20 point solid color plastic business card example 3
20 point solid color plastic business card example 4

30 Mil White Plastic

30mil solid color plastic business card example
30mil solid color plastic business card example 2
30mil solid color plastic business card example 3
30mil solid color plastic business card example 4

See the Video on Plastic Business Cards


You can also check out our Plastic Business Card Design Gallery and see how some of the designs in our studio might appear after you add your details and have them printed. You can also learn about the benefits of plastic business cards over traditional paper.