1800BusinessCards.com Terms and Conditions
Last Updated: July 27, 2017

Acceptance of Terms of Use

By visiting and using our 1800businesscards.com website you agree to the Terms of Use set forth below. These Terms of Use may be updated, revised or changed at any time and it is your responsibility to make sure you visit this page periodically to make sure you are aware of any recent changes to it. By using this website you agree to the acceptance of these terms.

Use of Information:

By using the 1800businesscards.com website you agree that we may freely use any comments, feedback, postings, images, artwork, site reviews, ideas or other content used in any communication or order you send to us, without providing compensation, at any time and without prior notice or consent for the purpose of marketing, manufacturing, creating, modifying or improving our products, website or services.


All the terms and conditions and/or any transactions on our website 1800businesscards.com or by telephone are subject to the laws of the State of New York. 1800BusinesssCards may not be held responsible for the delays or damages resulting from computer or server failure, natural disasters, and any other unforeseen actions by government or other agencies and individuals that interfere with the design and processing of user online accounts and orders. The tools, images and other intellectual property available on 1800businesscards.com are the property of 1800BusinesssCards.com.


All orders are subject to acceptance by 1800BusinesssCards.com. We reserve the right to reject any order at any time without recourse. We also reserve the right to change the price at any time even after we receive the order if it is required.

Approving Artwork

When users check the "SAVE MY DESIGN" box and checkout successfully they are verifying that their design is ready for printing. Please keep in mind that we manually check all orders for alignment and overall appearance to ensure a quality print. We are not responsible for misspellings although we make every attempt to try to assist in correcting any errors in spelling or grammer. 1800businesscards is responsible for printing the file as it is submitted as an order even though we make every attempt to ensure a great print.

Submitting Artwork

When using the design studio at 1800businesscards.com all files are submitted at the correct size and all other file specifications. In the case that users submit their own artwork we reserve the right to make adjustments to the file in order to meet all of our specifications. A user that submits artwork will only be entitled to a reprint if there is a manufacturer error, not based on any changes made as a result of meeting the requirements of file submission for each particular product.


We are very flexible with our return policy, however, we treat each return on a case by case basis. We absolutely take full responsibility if your printed product has an error as a result of our labor or manufacturing process. All claims must be submitted within 30 days of delivery of the product. In order to process a reprint we require at least 2 clear pictures sent by email of the printed product so that we can clearly ascertain the mistake. If we cannot ascertain the error via email we require 5-10 samples of the card mailed to us. If it is determined by our staff that the error is a result of the buyer we will not refund the order. We require up to 48 hours to determine the results of an error. Our main priority is to see that every customer enjoys their experience with shopping at 1800businesscards and the products they receive and we will take every step to see that is the case.


After an order is placed 1800BusinesssCards.com reserves the right to determine if an order can be refunded or any part of that order. Once you check the acceptance of terms and submit your design for order 1800businesscards has the verification from the user that the design is ready for printing and that order cannot be cancelled.

Shipping Terms

Shipping terms at 1800BusinesssCards.com will be based on the major carrier we choose at the time of purchase. The purchaser is fully responsible for the shipping and handling cost, including any local delivery taxes imposed on a country or regional basis because of shipping from the United States. It is the user's responsibility to learn about local custom charges when expecting a delivery from the United States. 1800BusinesssCards.com will also not be responsible for the delay in delivery, loss or damage of the order while the order is with the shipping carrier after it has left on of our facilities.

We currently use UPS as our main carrier because of their consistency and track record, and we occasionally will utilize another carrier if that option is available under certain circumstances. We do understand that from time to time miscommunications occur or packages get lost. Although the responsibility of you package falls under UPS or another carrier at the time of shipping once it is shipped, we take every step to assist in the process, including contacting the carrier and getting a claim settled as quickly as possible or just assisting in some sort of confusion when delivering a package becomes difficult for one reason or another. If your package gets returned and we are not contacted before UPS sends the package back to us, for us to resend the package there is a $20.00 address adjustment/reshipping fee.

Credit Card

If the Buyer's credit card is declined, 1800BusinesssCards.com reserves the right to not process the order. If the order is shipped and the purchaser of that order makes their credit card account delinquent 1800businesscards has the right to be fully compensated, and the purchaser agrees to pay a monthly finance charge of 2% (APR 24%) on the unpaid balance until the account is settled in full. In the event that 1800BusinesssCards.com must undertake legal action to enforce any terms of this agreement the purchaser agrees to pay reasonable legal fees and costs.


1800BusinesssCards.com neither states any explicit warranty nor imply or accept any responsibility other than possible replacement of the products purchased at our website. 1800BusinessCards.com does not guarantee the replacement of the defective product unless it is a result of our manufacturing error determined by our staff, and we reserve the right to a credit for the amount of the purchase price.

Limitation of Liability:

1800BusinesssCards.com will not be liable in contract or in tort or for negligence to the purchaser for incidental or consequential damages, arising out of or resulting from anybody’s performance or nonperformance for our obligations. 1800BusinesssCards.com shall not be liable to anyone for any kind of financial losses, cost, expenses, damages and/or other financial damages. The purchaser agrees that they will not hold 1800BusinesssCards.com responsible for any and all loss, cost, expense, and damages (including legal expenses) on account of any and all manner of claims, demands, actions, and proceedings that may be instituted against 1800BusinessCards.com on grounds alleging that the said work violates any copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or is scandalous, or invades any person's right to privacy or other personal rights.

For any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions please email support@1800businesscards.com or call (800) 936-2218. Thank you for visiting.