Tips for Designing Door Hangers


A Designed Door HangerDoor hangers can be a great marketing tool if created effectively. Many business owners today are using door hangers to market their business because of their affordability and ease to distribute. However, door hangers are only a great marketing tool if designed correctly; otherwise they are bound for a trashcan without bringing in a customer. In order for you to design your door hangers in an optimal way we have created the following list for reference.


The first and most important feature of a door hanger is the written content and the text’s customer appeal quality. Content is not only king on the web, it is just as critical in the real world, especially when advertising. When creating a door hanger you must choose every word for the value it brings to your sales pitch. Look at every word under a microscope. Is the message clear and all the contact information in place? Are there clear calls-to-action like CALL NOW! Every time you select a word for your design ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary. Also, try to determine the best and most convincing way to say something. When writing the words for your door hanger you must be sure to take your time and choose your words wisely.


The font and appearance of your text can be just as important as your choice of words. Make sure you take the time to see which fonts are the most appealing. Also, look at color, style, and size in several variations to see what text is most compelling to convey a particular message or idea. It is also critical to separate different selling points by font properties so each one stands out against the other. Just remember that advertising space is very important on a door hanger so the text’s point size and word count should be card card-body thought out.


At the other side of the design spectrum is background and images. A common mistake made by door hanger advertisers is that they choose color backgrounds based on their own particular preferences instead of researching the impact of different colors in the marketing world. For instance, certain colors may yield higher conversions according to a particular demographic or gender. It is a good decision to do some color research for your market and then make a more educated decision about which colors to choose for your design.


Image selection is just as essential as any other aesthetic decision. A great image of a cold drink is likely to draw in a thirsty customer. Many advertisers make the mistake of either buying a very poor image to save money, or just choosing any relevant image for their design. The right image should take a significant amount of time to find, maybe an hour or two at minimum. The more images you look at the more likely you will find the right one.


Designing door hangers can be a very easy task with a little bit of planning beforehand. Try to imagine yourself as a customer who just picked up your design. Does it have all the right selling points, am I convinced to come and purchase this product or service? Are the aesthetics appealing enough to draw me in as a customer? Do not advertise to yourself; always think objectively as an outsider. If you are looking to advertise with door hangers a little extra effort can go a long way towards the profitability and success of your marketing campaign.