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Turn Around

Printing times are close approximations and not guaranteed as there are exceptions for file issues or quality checks, but most of the time you can count on the following schedule. All orders submitted by 8am E.S.T. will be processed based on the turnaround time you choose during checkout and it will include that day as one of the business days. All orders processed after 8am E.S.T. will begin counting business days on the following business day.

6 business days means that we will make every attempt to complete the printing of your order no later that the 6th business day.

2 to 4 business days means that we will make every attempt to complete the printing of your order no later that the 4th business day.

Next business day processing means that we should complete the printing of your product on the next business day if submitted before 8am EST on that day.

Same business day processing(if available) means that we should complete the printing of your product on that same business day if submitted before 8am EST on that day.

If your order is completed before 7pm on the completion day it will make it on the truck to ship that day, otherwise it will ship on the following day. Email if you need a more accurate delivery date.

For a close approximation of your delivery date please combine printing turnaround with total shipping time. Ground shipping is approx. 3 business days or less depending on your state.

Design & Ordering Tips

Choose the "Browse Designs" button above to customize one of our templates or choose "Upload Design" and go right to checkout. During checkout there is an area to add order instructions or to give us an idea of how you want your cards to turn out no matter what option you choose to start. You do not have to put any information in the order instructions box unless you want something particular done. Please keep in mind that we are experts and always try to print your design yielding the best possible results.

When designing clear areas on your card use white and it is always better to have smaller text on a colored background; it makes it easier to read versus small text on a completely clear background, and it also ensures that the text is white backed. Please Note: White ink in your design will be printed clear (only text remains white unless requested clear). If you want a particular area to be colored white please specify it in your order instructions. We manually check every order and if something is unclear we will contact you before printing.

All our clear plastic business cards include a white backer (see "What is a White Backer" on our plastic information page). What this does is help your design standout. We automatically white back as much of the design as possible unless your design element is too small or thin (less than 2 points at the smallest point), or you request it in the order instructions during checkout. We can also create a white halo effect on text or images that would normally be too small to white back, it simply adds a white border but makes your smallest text stand out more.

What is Matte Varnish? A matte varnish serves a few purposes when printing on plastic. The main purpose it serves is to have a pen friendly surface. It just so happens that it also makes the card have a slight frosted effect that is not as cloudy as traditional frosted plastic business cards. You only require varnish on the back to create the frosted effect, there will still be a slight gloss on the front. Matte varnish is rarely used on the front, but some users request a dull finish to both sides.

If you need any help with your design or have even a simple question you can reach us at
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What is White Backer?
What is Matte Varnish?