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Step 1. Choose Postcard Size

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Step 2. Design Your Postcard



After Step 2 you will be able to Choose Zip Code, Mailing Routes, and Mailing Date.

Ordering Zipcode Mailings Tutorial

Watch this short Tutorial to learn how to order Zip Code EDDM Mailings. In this video you will learn how to maximize savings, edit and Design a beautiful mailer using our templates, picking the Zip Code and Mailing Routes and Date for your mailings.

Up your Marketing Game

The Right Tools for Successful Campaigns

  • Choose Zip Code & Mailing Routes
  • Residential & Business Addresses
  • See Average Income, Age, & Household Size Data



EDDM Mail Marketing Made Easy


Our Full Service EDDM is an easy-to-use mailing service that allows you to market to neighborhoods without the hassle of acquiring names and addresses. Another great feature of this product is that postage per piece is less than 20 cents using our system. Typically, effective EDDM campaigns will take place over six months of consistent monthly send outs.


Pinpoint Accurate Marketing


With our online mailing tool, you can easily select your mailing routes by zip code and see demographics about each mailing route. This info includes average income, household size, and age. You have the option to only target residential addresses if you want to avoid mailing to a business. This will allow you to target specific areas/blocks if you are marketing on a budget.

How To Get Started


To get started you can choose our browse designs option and customize online any of our design templates. All the designs are fully editable and if you have any trouble in the design studio or need something customized that can't be done in the studio just contact us and let us know how we can help.

e also offer the upload your own design option if you have your own design tools or a graphic designer. No matter what option you choose we will manually check your order to ensure it is ready for printing and looks great.




You can mail them yourself and save approximately 30% of your marketing budget. We have the information below so that you can have the postcards printed EDDM ready, but you handle the mailing process by purchasing postage online and preparing bundles to drop off to the post office yourself.

For questions and details, regarding any part of this process, reach out to our support team.

Our Print Only EDDM Offering

You can create an account and pay your postage online at USPS and then drop your postcards off bundled in stacks of 50 or 100. USPS recommends each stack to be approximately one inch thick or less. Every bundle must have a facing slip with the piece count per bundle. With odd number mailings, such as a 426 count mailing, you might have eight bundles of 50 and one 26 count bundle. You can use a rubber band or string at home, or shrink-wrap which is an option we offer during checkout. For more information on preparing your own bundles here is a great resource.

Your postcard design MUST include the proper indicia in the upper right of the address area side whether you plan on using our full service or dropping the postcards yourself. Below is an example of the placement of both business and residential indicia. If you want a more targeted approach, such as businesses only, have a look at the other indicia available in the USPS guide. Many of our templates already have the standard retail EDDM indicia on the back for your convenience or can be found in the “Images” gallery which are available in our design studio, but you can easily change it to your desired indicia.


USPS Retail Indicia & Format


The other option for postage if you plan to use EDDM regularly is by establishing a USPS account with an EDDM permit. The small difference with that is the way you set up the indicia as you have to add your permit number and additional customer info. You can learn more at your local post office or online when setting up your account. Underneath, you will find some helpful USPS resources to help answer any additional questions and details to all these processes.


EDDM Quick Reference Guide

EDDM & Direct Mail User Guide

EDDM Retail Facing Slip

EDDM Retail Reference Setup

USPS Full Resource List


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