Full Color Foil Business Cards

Our full color foil business cards allow you take your design and turn it into a business card with a wide variety of colored foils. The full color foil is available in a premium 16 point paper stock with a UV gloss to make your design really standout and no UV if your prefer your cards without the glossy look. These business cards are a very affordable option when you want to create a luxurious business card that is guaranteed to impress your clients.

Designing Full Color Foil Tips:

These business cards can turn almost any color into a brilliantly foiled area. When creating your design keep in mind that the foil look appears better with lighter colors and darker colors have a less foil brilliance. It is also recommended not to use white because of the lack of color it offers less brilliance. Please avoid small, thin text with small tips or serifs, try to use font sizes that are 12 or close to it for best results if you want them foiled.

Preparing Your Files:

Preparing your design is similar to our gold and silver foil process, it requires two files for each side you want printed so you will require either 2 or 4 files depending on whether you choose front only printing, or front and back. The first or front file is your design artwork and your second front file is your foil mask which will tell us what colored areas you want to have the foiled look. Your foil masks should be only black and white, 100k or 100% black for all the areas you want foiled and white for all areas of your design that will not have foil. If you cannot make the elements black we will assume any elements ion the mask you want to have a foil look. The mask must also have the areas that get the foiled look in the exact place on the canvas so that it lines up with the artwork. Please see thebelow image for reference. If you want us to create the mask, during checkout just tell us in the special order instructions before you checkout where you want the foil look. We manually check all alignment of orders placed so do not worry about alignment.

foil business cards file setup

Online Design:

If you require any help with your mask or creating full color foil business cards please email support@1800businesscards.com.

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