General Questions

Creating an account is easy. At the top of the page there is a link that says Login/Register or you can go right to the user registration page here.

We offer pricing tables on many of the product pages with the base cost and then a variety of upgrade options with the cost to upgrade for that quantity. If there is no pricing table you can always use the pricing calculator at the bottom left of every page for both product pricing and shipping pricing.

You should always use CMYK color mode. When sending an RGB file there is a possibility that the color may shift slightly so try to create files utilizing the CMYK color mode. Below you can see example color differences.


business cards rgb color example


business cards rgb color example

We check every uploaded file to ensure it is ready for printing. Uploading the original files is always a good option just in case you sized it incorrectly or if the file requires a minor adjustment, however, a pdf file with outlined fonts or a jpg/png file is good as well if it is sized correctly. You can find the required size on every product upload page as well as our template that you can just drop your design in to ensure it is sized correctly.

We require files that are 300dpi, anything less will result in a degraded printing.

Our system automatically sizes files correctly but if you send your own files please size you files based on the size details on every product upload page. Please remove all crop and bleed marks. Most of our products require a bleed by adding .125" to document length and also .125" to the width and make sure all colors or images flow to the end of the canvas.




business cards cut line example


business cards cut line example

Turnaround time refers to the amount of time it will take to print your purchased product. After the printing process is completed it will be sent to our carrier (generally UPS or FEDEX) to be shipped to you with your chosen delivery options at checkout. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for a product to be boxed and labeled and to be in the carrier's possession.

Borders can be very difficult to cut exactly how it appears in the design because we do bulk cuts so there is always the chance of the borders not being exactly distributed after the cut. If you require a border on your printed item we recommend that you keep it as far away from the cut lines as possible. Cutting large sheets can result in slight variations throughout the batch. Your order can be cut up to .125" off which is standard in the industry and not considered a manufacturer's error so if you do require a border for best results keep it as far from the cut line as possible.


business cards border issues

In the printing industry it is very possible to have slightly more or less of the purchased quantity. The acceptable industry standard is plus or minus 10 percent. At 1800businesscards we strive to get every order as close to the quantity as possible or more but occasionally the quantity might be less. If you find your count is off an unacceptable amount please reach out to us and we will gladly take the necessary steps to ensure you are a satisfied customer whether that results in sending additional cards or refunding the dollar amount of cards not sent.

Spot UV is a shiny gloss applied only to certain areas of your design that you choose. In order to get a spot UV job you must create a duplicate version of your card and make 100% black all the areas that you want the UV gloss applied to and submit the file before or after your order to Just include your order # in the email with your attachment. See the details about file preparation below.


Spot UV Instructions

We prefer both front and back files but we can separate the files with the understanding that it may extend your turnaround time.

Overprinting is used mainly for inks that overlap and can deliver unintended results. In order to avoid issues like the one below please turn off overprint objects when uploading a file. In the below example the background colors were mixed with image.


business cards overprint example

When cutting business cards occasionally a card will get cut .125" off. This has very little effect when there is no border but when there is a border that is thin around the edges it will make it easy to see the difference. Because this can occur we recommend keeping borders far from the edge of the card so that they are thick or images with reasonable space on the sides. A cut of .125" off is not considered a manufacturer's error so please adjust your designs accordingly.


Occasionally clear plastic business cards can have some of the front and back of the pile cards get scratched during transit, but it usually is just a couple of cards. For this reason we try to add a few extra as well as take every step to ensure that cards are packaged correctly.


Making sure your blue remains blue, and doesn't appear as a purple. If you decide to use blue in one of your designs you should try to leave at least a 30 percent difference in the Magenta and Cyan values. Because purple and blue are very close in CMYK coloring, utilize a small amount of magenta when utilizing a high amount of cyan. C100%/M70%


On a Computer Screen Printing Completed

business cards blue and purple differences


business cards overprint example


To achieve rich black in your printed design we recommend the following for best results.


business cards rgb color example

Darker colors like black are prone to edges cracking, however, this usually occurs in a small amount of the run. In order to avoid this utilize lighter colors around the edges.


business cards cracking example

Most coated printing products that have scoring can begin to crack. As time goes by the cracking can also expand and lose ink with further use. By not ordering coating can reduce cracking but may not entirely eliminate it.


brochure scoring cracking example

Using our templates allows for a faster and more accurate printing process. Here is an explanation of the lines:


business cards cut line example


This is the 8.5x11 brochure:

brochure template example


Our templates can help you understand the cut, bleed and safety lines. If you see IN and OUT in the template it means folding is involved and Out is front, IN is back.

Please our our plastic business cards information page for more details on our plastic products. You can also find a detailed explanation and video showing the different types of plastic business cards offered here.