Door Hangers: The Secret to a successful political campaign


political door hangers


Running a campaign is extremely competitive and it requires an effective marketing strategy. The United States is home to the most exciting campaigns on the planet.  Politicians from other countries come to U.S. PolySci students and graduates for advice on how to develop a successful campaign. No matter what the geographical setting, no matter what type of political arena is hosting, grass root campaigns with a personal touch are critical if a politician is going to succeed.


As politicians approach the billion dollar mark for capital raised, more and more money is being devoted to impersonal advertising methods. Television ads are always the first choice and over utilized political marketing strategies because they are very expensive and every politician has the same speech; sharp criticism of the other candidates. Also, most of the time these ads appear to the voter as scripted and he or she does not develop a personal connection with the candidate.


Another set of very popular yet still impersonal marketing tools today are applications like Facebook and Twitter which were only recently added to the landscape of campaign marketing. These internet platforms are impersonal because candidates don’t even write their own messages. The text is plugged into an application by a volunteer and distributed strategically all over the web based on timing schemes and everybody who reads the messages are aware of this empty approach. The most effective weapon a candidate should include in a campaign is a grass root personal approach that involves visiting potential voter’s homes and leaving a Door Hanger.


Political Door Hangers introduce a campaign and the candidate to each and every household with a personal touch. Unlike the television or the internet, Door Hangers demonstrate that someone from the campaign staff was at your doorstep, maybe even one of the candidates themselves. They also come with a color photo and a customized message to a particular neighborhood or set of values.


More importantly, Custom Campaign Door Hanger Printing is very affordable. Volunteers can go from neighborhood to neighborhood and every 1000 homes can receive your personally tailored message and some of your political ideas at a cost of a little over one hundred dollars depending on the Door Hanger Design and paper selection. You can almost guarantee that every one of your constituents has received your message and photo. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt for a candidate to go to some of those homes personally. Door hanger printing is one of the most effective political marketing strategies a candidate can employ and it gives the voter your message with a personal touch.


One place to design and print Political Door Hangers is There are very few websites on the internet with this feature. The company website has an advance design studio that includes various editing tools. Our site also allows users to design Custom Campaign Door Hangers online using either one of our templates or you can choose the option of creating one from scratch.


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