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The Executive Line

Our Executive Line of plastic business cards are 30 mil thick (similar to a credit card) and the highest quality in plastic business card printing. This premium line is the business card of choice for Executives and CEO's from Fortune 500 companies. You have a choice of full color designs with or without clear areas in the design, and one or two sided printing. Rounded corners come standard. We do offer custom sizes and die-cuts as well as silver prismatic foil to help make your business cards one of a kind. Below you will find basic ordering instructions, see how fast and easy the process is, and we also offer more details about designing and printing on plastic at our plastic business cards information page.

Design & Order Tips: Choose the "Browse Designs" button above to customize one of our templates or upload your own design and checkout. During checkout there is an area to add order instructions like where you want white ink (or foil if ordered), it is not required, but you can add specific instructions about how you would like your cards to turn out or you can leave it up to the experts.

When designing clear areas on your card use white and it is always better to have smaller text on a colored background; this way you are guaranteed that the text is white backed. Please Note: White ink in your design will be printed clear (only text remains white unless requested clear). If you want a particular area to be colored white please specify it in your order instructions. We manually check every order and if something is unclear we will contact you before printing.

All our clear plastic business cards include a white backer (see "What is a White Backer" explanation below). What this does is help your design standout. We automatically white back as much of the design as possible unless your design element is too small or thin (less than 2 points at the smallest point), or you request it in the order instructions during checkout. We can also create a white halo effect on text or images that would normally be too small to white back, it simply adds a white border but makes your smallest text stand out more. Another option we offer is a matte varnish to the back of the card and it creates a frosted effect as seen in the clear parts of the "YES" card below.

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clear plastic business card with white backer and varnish frosting
clear plastic business card with torn envelope
transparent effect full color clear plastic business card
black camera lens plastic business card front
die cut custom plastic business card
cool character clear plastic business card

What is a White Backer?

A white backer is a coating put behind design elements to make them standout and make the colors look bolder. With two sided clear plastic designs the white backer is sandwiched in between elements. Please see the front & back of the John Doe white backer example below for one sided printing, and the orange plastic business card with white sandwiched between the front and back orange colored areas for results from white backing a two sided card.

clear plastic business card with white back
clear plastic white backer explained
Two sided clear plastic business card front
Two sided clear plastic business card back

What is Matte Varnish?

A matte varnish serves a few purposes when printing on plastic. The main purpose it serves is to apply a slight frosted look to the clear plastic so that it is not completely clear yet still very transparent. You only require varnish on the back to create the frosted effect, there will still be a slight gloss on the front. Additionally the varnish creates a matte surface that is not glossy but a dull finish that can be written on with a pen. Matte varnish is rarely used on the front, but some users request a dull finish to both sides.

What Type of Plastic Card is Right for You?
Our clear business cards are made with a 30mil base with rounded corners. The plastic is firm like a credit card with a similar thickness and it is offered in a standard business card size with custom options available. All colors can be printed including white. You can have any part of your design made clear by using white in your design but because of the high quality of this plastic many clients create a full color design on one or both sides with no clear parts. Your design will be applied to the core so the ink will not smear. We use a white backer to make all colored areas vibrant. We offer a matte varnish if you want to add a slight frosted effect to this higher quality product. One or two sided printing is available. You can also get custom options like silver prismatic foil, die-cuts and custom sizes, as well as square corners. These business cards are very popular with executives and CEO's of fortune 500 companies. All orders are reviewed manually to ensure that only the finest business cards will be delivered to our clients.
Our frosted business cards come in 20 point or our Executive 30 Mil. Both options are made with a frosted plastic core and are offered in a standard business card size with rounded corners. The 30 Mil is similar to a credit card in thickness and firm, whereas the 20 point is a little thinner and slightly more flexible. The surface for both options is a matte texture. You can explore each product page for details about the product and printing options. Frosted plastic business cards are a great option for customers that do not want a completely clear or partially clear card. These cards are meant to last a long time and are guaranteed to make an impression on clients. All orders are reviewed manually to ensure that only the finest business cards will be delivered to our clients. To learn more check out our 20 point frosted plastic business cards and our 30 mil frosted plastic business cards.
Our solid color plastic cards are available in both 20 point and the Executive 30 Mil. Both options start with a white core and can be made any color by design. Both come in a standard business card size with rounded corners. The main difference between the two is that the 30 mil is thick like a credit card with a glossy finish, and the 20 point has a matte finish and it is a little thinner and less firm. Both options are significantly thicker than traditional business cards and very durable. All colors are available for your design and you do not have to worry about your ink smearing. Printing is available on one or both sides. These are great options for customers that want the durability and quality of plastic but do not want a transparent look. All orders are reviewed manually to ensure that only the finest business cards will be delivered to our clients. To learn more check out our 20 point solid color plastic business cards or our 30 mil solid color plastic business cards.
Our membership plastic cards are made with a 30 mil. white, silver, or gold plastic core that is similar to a credit card in thickness and sized at 2 1/8" X 3 3/8" with rounded corners. The surface has a glossy shine and makes your colors really vibrant. All colors are available for your design and printing can be done on one or both sides. Variable numbering or barcoding is also available for promotional purposes. This type of plastic card is great for customers that want to create a VIP card or membership card for their loyal patrons or private clients. All orders are reviewed manually to ensure that only the finest membership cards will be delivered to our clients. To learn more check out our plastic membership cards.

If you need any help with your design or have even a simple question you can reach us at
We are glad to help! We also offer some basic tips on how to design your plastic business card.

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business card corners explained with graphic

A matte varnish makes your clear plastic cards less glossy and provides a surface that can be written on. It also gives a slight frosted effect as can be seen in the "YES" card image above.

Add silver prismatic foil to any element on the card. Just enter desired foil areas in order instructions during checkout.

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Clear Plastic Business Card Prices (Custom Options Available)

Qty.Front OnlyFront & Back (add)Matte Varnish (add)Foil Front (add)Foil Both (add)


10+ Employees Please Contact Us For Custom Packages


Cut Size: 2" x 3.5" (Custom Options Available)
Actual Design Size: 2.125" x 3.625"
Card Material: 30 Mil Clear Plastic
Quantities: 125 - 5000
Corners: Rounded (Custom Options Available)
Printing Turnaround: 6 Business Days (4 Bus. Days Available)
(printing time only, please add shipping for approx. delivery date)
We also require up to 24 hours to box, label, and ship. For detailed
information on turnaround please see our printing turnaround page.


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